Special Packages for Umrah 2017 are introduced, please contact us for details.

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Hajj Services

Hajj is an annual religious pilgrimage to Mecca undertaken each year by 2-3 million people. The approximate dates for the 2017 Hajj are August 30 to September 4.

Allah SWT says in Surah Ali Imran verse 97; “And Hajj to the House (Ka’bah) is a duty that mankind owes to Allah, those who can afford the expenses (for one’s conveyance, provision and residence); and whoever disbelieves, then Allah stands not in need of any of the ‘Alamin”


Umrah Services

The messenger of Allah said:

Perform hajj and umrah continually for these two remove poverty and sins just as the furnance removes impurites from metals.


Special Ramadan Umrah

FIRST 10 DAYS : $2499 (Quad)
SECOND 10 DAYS: $2699 (Quad)
THIRD 10 DAYS: $2999 (Quad)

Our Hajj Packages

Hajj Fees and Qurbani are included in these package prices.

  • Package A
  • $8400
  • Madina First, 13 days (Express Hajj)
  • Quad Occupancy
  • Saudi Airlines
  • 25 Aug – 06 Sep
  • Package B
  • $8200
  • Madina First 17 days
  • Quad Occupancy
  • Saudi Airlines
  • 22 Aug – 07 Sep
  • Package C
  • $8200
  • Madina First 15 days
  • Quad Occupancy
  • Saudi Airlines
  • 23 Aug – 07 Sep
  • Package D
  • $8000
  • Madina First 15 days
  • Quad Occupancy
  • Rayal Jordanian
  • 25 Aug – 08 Sep

We also do customize packages for Umrah, Book today! Packages starting from $1699

About Us

Alhamra is register Hajj and Umrah company. Alhamra is proud to have a dedicated team of professional that provide amicable, reliable and unbeatable services to our respected clients. We customize travel arrangements and services as per the need of our guest. Alhamra Management is very committed to provide the best available services to guests, those visiting the two Holy Mosques in Saudi Arabia.
Our Services :

International and Domestic Air tickets of all major airlines on discounted rates.
Hajj and Umrah packages.
Complete Transport services in Makkah and Madina.
Reservation of Standards and Star hotels in Saudi Arabia on special discounted rates.

Save time,  money and aggravation.

We do All Airlines tickets